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A Woman Driving In China Gets Crushed By Container. You Need To See This Miracle.

Do you believe in miracles? While a woman in China driving on the highway in the Jiangsu Province of China survived this horrific accident, probably no one else in the world would have survived it. There must have been a little angel watching over her! It happened by a large container on a semi-truck fell over and crushed her car. Most of the people watching thought she was dead, but watch what happens.
Anyone looking at a picture like this would believe there wouldn’t be any survivors. How did she survive this? Did she lay down right before point of contact?


We didn’t see exactly how the accident happened, but amazingly she was not hurt.


It was such a huge accident you can see many onlookers watching the large container behind pulled off by the large crane. I wonder how long she was pinned in her car?


When rescue workers began to try to rescue her, they were even amazed she was able to talk and cry for help.


It took a long while to get the crane on the scene to take the container off of the car.


Here the woman is pulled out of the car as onlookers watch. It’s a miracle!!!


Everyone is in awe as the woman is able to literally walk away from the devastating accident.


Take one final look at this miracle woman’s car. Her car may have been crushed, thank goodness she made it out alive.

Daily Mail
Miracles do happen all over the world. We don’t know how, but they surely do occur when we least expect it just like in this case. Share this miracle with all of your friends on Facebook.

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