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The Talents Of These Weird Aquatic Creatures Will Blow You Away

Whether you are an expert fishermen or you just like the pure enjoyment of fishing as a hobby, you will be blown away when you see what these weird looking fish can do. Just like the movie “The Abyss”, seems like we are nowhere near scratching the surface of the underwater world. Whatever the percentage of outer space scientists have yet to discover, the remainder of the unseen underwater world is still a mystery as well. Did you know some fish can even walk on dry land for a long period of time? Yes, find out what the other strange skills these fish have below.

1.) Black Swallower: Their stomach can expand to a large enough size that allows the fish to eat creatures that are much larger than itself.


2.) Parrotfish: When this colorful beautiful fish eats coral, the fish transforms the coral into beautiful beach sand.


3.) Archfish: They can amazingly shoot water at its prey from below the water surface.


4.) Mudskipper: These amphibious fish can walk and jump on dry land.


5.) Jawfish: The Jawfish male uses his mouth as a nest for his mate’s eggs.


6.) Antarctic Toothfish: These fish can survive in amazing sub zero degree temperature because it can produce anti-freeze glycoproteins.


7.) Sawfish: The sawfish can detect heartbeats from other creatures around him.


8.) Seahorse: The male seahorse can give birth.


9.) Hagfish: If this fish is being agitated or is captured by his enemy he can secrete a milky slime that not too many predators would like to be a part of.


10.) Clownfish: On a regular basis they can change their sex.


11.) Pufferfish: When the pufferfish feels it is in danger it can blow itself up to a size of a grapefruit.


12.) Stonefish: These fish are so powerful they can kill humans with their venom and hide very well by being able to blend in with rocks in the ocean.


13.) Tigerfish: These type of fish can jump high enough out of the water to snag a bird.


14.) Electric Eel: They can generate up to 600 volts of shock to defend itself from predators.


15.) Sockeye Salmon: They can travel up to 1,600km to migrate due to their ability to detect changes in the earth’s magnetic.


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