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Could This 360 Degree Dunk Be The Best You Ever Seen Before

Insane 360 Dunk

Amazing 360 degree dunk by only 6’2″ Kwe Parker during a pre-game warm up during Diamond Day 2014. Watch this ridiculous insane dunk over and over so you can see the level of difficulty  for a young man not being on the taller scale of most basketball players at this level. You talk about “hops” then watch this crazy footage. Awesome!!!

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6’2″ Kwe Parker Can Fly. Watch His Full Highlight Reel Right Here. WOW!


Pic Of Maybe The Best Dunk Ever.

It’s amazing how high this kid can fly? Look and see…

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Kwe parker who attends Trinity Christian Prep and is a sophomore displays his some of his daunting athletic skills you will ever see on a basketball court.

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