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After This War Attack You Will Now Know What Is Gratitude

what is gratitude

Why Gratitude Is Good? What Is Gratitude? Being an American Citizen, I seem to sometimes forget what the meaning of the word “Gratitude” means to me. We can all get caught up in our daily routines in life and forget about how grateful we truly are. I know I am a victim of constantly doing this. Maybe you are married for so many years, a few children, stable job, and enough money in the bank. As life goes on we can sometimes wonder what the heck happened to my life? Where did it go? How did time fly by so fast? It could be because we are too busy engulfed in the future, past and never realizing we are not in this very present moment. If you grew up in the United States and are very fortunate to not be able to experience something harsh like violence and constant war surrounding you. Then this video will surely change your perspective on your life you have today. Here is a video taken in Israel during a wedding ceremony where a war missile is shot in the sky above them.

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Robert Emmons is close to the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude. He first states,”We affirm there are good things in this world, gifts and benefits we’ve received.” Secondly, he writes,”We recognize that the sources of goodness are outside ourselves.” Meaning we realize other people and higher powers are around us in assisting us in achieving goodness in our lives.

The grace of gratitude teaches us not only to appreciate our gifts but it keeps us in the present moment while thinking of things we are grateful for. It almost sends out a signal to the higher power that we are reaching out to him stating we are connected to you in this very moment.
Gratitude brings us happiness and is good for our bodies. It also reduces depression and anxiety. Gratitude helps with our sleep and makes us more resilient as well. We feel more closer to our loved ones, as well as strengthening all of our relationships. Gratitude pushes out the evil forces of not being able to forgive an ex-partner. Gratitude helps your kids feel better and brings more physical energy into your life.

Gratitude is the exact opposite of being negative. If you think of the world as Positive/Negative, God/Devil, Good/Evil, Bad Emotions/Good Emotions or whatever you decide to distinguish it. It all comes back to whether or not we decide to wake up in the morning and forcefully take control of our day doing everything we possibly can throughout the day staying on the positive realm of things instead of the negative side. So is the key to happiness being able to control our thoughts? Or is it the continuous fight of feeling things are not enough in our lives?


Video On The Science Of Happiness


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