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I’m Tired Of Waking Up Unhappy All The Times

I am unhappy
Why Am I Am UnHappy.
Quite frankly, it is not healthy to wake up unhappy every morning. In fact, it is unhealthy behavior whenever a person wakes up with unhappy feeling. However, when that happens, you may find asking yourself if you are unhappy. Whatever answer you come up with, you would want to address the situation lest you live unhappy life the rest of the day or your lifetime. In the section that follows, you will learn and appreciate the signs of unhappiness. Besides, you will learn how to deal with unhappy situations if you are to enjoy the otherwise short life.
Symptoms you are unhappy
Just by assessing your behavior, you can know when you are unhappy. The symptoms, though obvious can also mean something else. However, you would want to check for the following if you feel unhappy: waking up feeling overwhelmingly tired; feeling blue most times; harboring constant negative thoughts; and feeling the world has nothing to offer among other signs of unhappiness. To reassure yourself of these signs, you would want to take unhappiness test to give you hints on the level of your situation. Well, you can find both free and premium apps online that can guide you in taking the test. The app should produce representative information on which you can take appropriate action.
Dealing with the situation
Unless you derive pleasure while in the situation, you would want to address the situation as soon as you detect and confirm the associated symptoms. Life is so short to wallow in unhappy situations. In fact, you should enjoy the happy moments while they last. Even when the situation is not permissive, you would want to create the happy moments for you. In the section that follows, you will learn simple tips on how to deal with the situation.

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Ensure good night’s sleep
Unhappiness may result due to tiredness, which may also result from tired induced stress. Well, when you feel stressful, you would want to take a good rest if you are to rejuvenate your energies. In that case, you should take a nap even during the day to ease the level of stress. To avoid waking up unhappy, you would want to eat light meals and sleep early. Equally, you would to sleep enough if you are to rest significantly. By taking enough sleep, you give your body the opportunity to relax its muscles and ease stress. The mind will relax as well and increase its ability to creatively handle any situation.
Avoiding streams of negative thoughts
Whenever you focus your mind on negative thoughts, you deny your body the energy to focus on positive ones. When that happens, you will sap your body of its energies. Consequently, your body will experience general tiredness. The situation is worse when the feeling extends in the morning. In fact the situation is unpleasant if it continues for some time. As the feeling prolong, you might fall sick. Sickness may affect your economic and financial stability in both short run and long run. This is the reason you should address the situation as soon as you spot the signs of unhappiness.

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