How to Use RSS Feeds?

How to Use RSS Feeds?




The RSS feeds can be an immense pool of visitors, especially for the news websites. They are great for people that don’t want to visit 15 of their preferred websites to see if something new appeared. The RSS feed makes sure that any person can make a list with their favorite websites, and that they can receive all the latest articles from those websites directly on their desktops.

What is a RSS?

A RSS feed is something like a subscription for several newspapers

– You subscribe
– The news and articles are delivered periodically
– The difference is that you only subscribe for the content on a certain website

What is the difference between a newsletter and a RSS feed?

With the exception of websites that send news every day, the majority of websites will send you a newsletter once a week, or once a month. With the RSS, you receive every new article as soon as it appears, so you will be informed in time. The RSS program “asks” the websites once every hour if they have something new, and they bring those novelties to the interested people.

How can you use the RSS?

The RSS is used as an email

– You need a specialized program…
– In which you introduce the coordinates of the flux (an address like any other)
– You can add as many feeds as you want and you can organize those in folders
– You can check the RSS just as you check your email

Just like you can access your email with the programs installed on your computer, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, you can also check the RSS feeds with a program installed on your computer, such as Feed Reader, Internet Explorer or even directly on the web with Google Reader.

The RSS programs are named in many ways. They can be “feed aggregators”, “feed readers”, but they can have other many names

So which is the best?

The majority of RSS feed programs are free, so is it not worth it to pay a subscription. Some of those don’t even require installing, as they are web based services.

Google Reader – if you have a Gmail account, you also have access to Google Reader
My Yahoo – as it is likely for you to have a Yahoo mail, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed here.

Bloglines – nice and really popular, probably the best for new posts on blogs
Internet Explorer – it comes with a good RSS function, even if IE is not as popular as it used to be
Firefox – the function is named Live Bookmarks, and it has the role of a RSS

The RSS for Webmasters

As the owner of a website, you should not neglect the importance of RSS feeds. Those give you an increased visibility, and a constant string of readers for the new content that you publish on your website. You should use the RSS feeds, and after “experimenting”, you should determine the best of those, where you could publish your content.

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