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The First Underwater Tennis Court Is About To Happen…Are You Serious

The first underwater tennis court? Can you be serious…What’s next a whole new world where we are all living underwater. Are humans becoming that good or are we becoming that stupid? Well, A Polish architect by the name of Krysztof Kotala may be stupid enough to be the first to ever build an underwater tennis court in Dubai.


The underwater tennis court is not yet built, but it looks like nothing is going to stand in the way of this peculiar architect’s design.
underwater tennis court

Would fans be afraid to step into a giant fish tank as you see here…Is this the first thing human beings thought about when it was the first time we were passengers on a huge metal bullet flying thousands of feet in the air of a 747 Boeing airplane for the first time? So this can be possible…
tennis court

How would we breath? Would any of us take this risk? Well, this architect believes it will happen along the coast of Dubai, where spectators can not only watch the tennis match but at the same time enjoy watching the sea life above them as well.

Here is a top view of the developing plan.

Why Dubai? Well, Kotala says, “[The court] should be something where there is the tradition of tennis. Dubai is perfect for this idea.” Why? Because it is already the home to the world’s highest tennis court on top of the Burj al Arab skyscraper.
highest tennis court in the world

highest tennis court
Although the idea of having an underwater tennis court in my lifetime seems absurd to me, but what the hell do I know. The lesson here is to believe in whatever you want to believe in & don’t listen to nobody because they won’t believe in your beliefs anyways most of the time. So keep your goals and aspirations to yourselves.
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