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These Awesome Touchdown Celebrations Will Bring You Way Back

Do you remember back in the day when you were a kid watching an NFL game on a Sunday morning, you couldn’t wait for one of your favorite players to cross the end zone, because you wanted to see what kind of silly touchdown celebration he had in store. Do you remember that? When players didn’t go overboard in their touchdown celebrations like they do now bringing out props and other pre-meditated gadgets in the pursuit of having “the spotlight” solely on them. Well, here is a last look at the best touchdown celebrations you will never get to see in person ever again, since the new commissioner Roger Goodall took the fun factor out of scoring an NFL touchdown nowadays.

Randy Moss: He does his infamous pulling down of the pants at Lambeau Field while scoring a touchdown against the Packers. Announcer Joe Buck was especially displeased by Moss’s act.

Alfonso Smith: Defensive back from the Detroit Lions makes an interception and decides to do the “Carlton” dance from hit American show the Fresh Prince In Bel-Aire.


Jamaal Anderson: The Atlanta Falcons runningback is best known for his “dirty bird” touchdown dance that you loved to hate.


Ickey Woods: If you love football, then you better love the “Ickey Shuffle” because he definitely got some moves.

Will Fite

Terrell Owens: While playing for the Cincinnati Bengals the outspoken wide receiver turns into a mime and dam it’s pretty good. I wonder how long he practiced this looking at himself in the mirror by himself???


Johnny Morton: Wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs does the “worm” dance in the end zone. Are you considered an old man if you use to do the “worm” dance as well?

Antonio Brown: The Pittsburg Steelers receiver pays tribute to his former colleague Hines Wide who performed in show “Dancing With The Stars.”

sean parker

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