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The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time Might Not Be Who You Think It Is

A man’s best soap opera is here to stay. We all know it is fake, but there is something classic about watching Hulk Hogan body-slamming Andre the Giant, Stone Cold pounding a beer after a match, the Undertaker’s treacherous entrance into the ring or the Rock’s famous saying,”Can you smellll what the rock is cooking!” Pointing out the best wrestler ever maybe an impossible task, but here is a list that you don’t want to ever forget.
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10. Jerry Lawler (The King)

9. Roddi Piper.
one of the greatest, and adored, loud-mouthed wrestlers to step foot in the ring. You would love to hate him, the beloved wrestler recently passed away at the age of 61- years old in 2015.
8. Triple H.
The great all-around slicked back hair wrestler took a lot of flack for marrying into the McMahon family, but he was an awesome wrestling entertainer.

7. John Cena.
Since 2005 for almost a decade, John Cena has been the WWE franchise wrestler. Constantly criticize him for his ring work, Cena is still one of the most hard-working, extremely gifted entertainers the wrestling world has ever seen.

6. Andre The Giant.
“The Eighth Wonder of the World,” the legend Andre the Giant was the biggest, and best, “attraction” wrestler in history. The legend will always be remembered as one of the greatest. His legendary match against Hulk Hogan in Wrestlemania three will last forever.

5. The Rock.
Whether you like him or not, the Rock’s best asset, his number one go to weapon, was his ability to captivate millions on the mic. Dwayne Johnson is now a highly successful movie star, he still can return to the WWE ring and still be the most popular wrestler in the arena.

4. Shawn Michaels.
When Shawn Michaels felt pain in the ring, we felt pain. No one wore his agony and pain on his shoulder more than the Heartbreak Kid. Michaels was the most athletic, inspirational and risk-taking storyteller in the business.

3. The Undertaker.
Undertaker’s mere presence is what made him so fascinating. From his spectacularly dark, chilling and unorthodox entrance to his astonishing featherweight boxing speed, the almost seven footer was a sight to see.

2. Hulk Hogan.
Hogan is the most recognized wrestling star worldwide and arguably one of the most popular wrestler’s ever. His worldwide acceptance and enormous popularity gave birth to WrestleMania and him becoming the first wrestler to open the door for a wrestler to be in the mainstream merchandising scene.
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1. Steve Austin.
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was more than a middle finger f@*k everybody type of wrestler. He was the Eminem of wrestling, exactly what the industry needed and what our society needed. Someone who showed the world f@*k what everyone else thinks, this is my life attitude. There is a reason Austin became the most popular and profitable wrestler in WWE history. This is why it is hard to argue the fact, Austin is considered the best wrestler ever in the history of WWE.
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What top 10 wrestler’s do you consider the strongest of them all? You decide…
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  • I do believe jerry lawler should have ranked a lot higher then 10. on this list, he not only beat most of these guys, he also helped make these guys, he is truly a legend and will remain a icon in the publics eyes. jerry lawler made wrestling and the Memphis area.

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