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Find Out All The Things That Make You Happier

Things That Make You Happier

There are moments in which we meditate about what made us happy. We “day dream” sometimes and this is not necessarily a bad thing. However, the long periods in which we think about ourselves and about what we have done wrong are those in which we don’t feel so good with ourselves.

I am convinced that any person has the need and the necessity to be happy. There are contemporary theories claiming that the level of happiness is inherited 80%. In conclusion, if your mother was unhappy for her entire lifetime without an apparent reason, it is likely for you to feel the same. Genetics say that trying to be happy in this condition is like trying to grow taller. Well, there is the 20% percentage that might encourage you to do that, so there is always a reason to fight.

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Maybe the words of a simple person that entered a psychology cabinet are the best to illustrate this state of mind: “There is nothing impossible on this world, especially changing your state of mind. Living in fear limits happiness. There are people that make me happy; they “cure” me not only with their words, but simply by being there. If you want to be happy, you need to live your life with your heart, not with your mind”

What is happiness?

Happiness is different from one person to the other. For some, it might be getting married with a gorgeous man; others want children while others will never feel happy unless they have a well paid job. Sure, there are also the “fake goals” and the “deceiving happiness”. For example, you might think that changing your old Dodge with a BMW might bring you happiness, but when you have the new car, you might realize that it is only a…car, a piece of iron that can’t comfort you in any way.

Places, persons and messages that mark our lives have a strong effect on people. Those are required for any person that wants to be happy. Hugging friends, parents or a simple smile might mean more than all the riches in the world.


Other people find happiness in money. It might be the closest thing to fake happiness, but some people really find happiness in the envy of others, or in a social statute. Comfort is important for those persons. A life without material worries in which they can have anything that they want is something that they desire.


Happiness is not easy to reach, but if you insist on fighting and believing, you will certainly get to that point. Many times, people believed that they needed more to be happy, just to discover that, if they stop their rush for more, and they try to appreciate what they already have, their life will be a lot better. So how about stopping for a few days from working for that well paid job, or from searching the perfect man, or simply taking a break from all the worries of the everyday life? We might discover some pretty interesting things about ourselves!

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