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Top 10 Things You Do Everyday That Are Ruining Your Body

It’s not like we try to do harmful stuff everyday that damages our health, we may just not realize in our everyday lifestyle what we maybe doing to our bodies. Sometimes we go about our days, wake up and go to a Sunday barbecue stuffing our face with everything we lay our eyes on. To wake up the next morning feeling sick or you have a headache because of something you put in your body the previous night. You start thinking,”Is it the stomach bug or what happened?” More often then not we have no idea what the heck turned your day suddenly awful. Lets find out what they are.

1.) Millions of men and women blow dry their hair on a daily basis not knowing the Heat causes the hydrogen bonds in your hair to deteriorate which makes your hair more likely to fall out.


How many of us sit in front of our computers like this guy everyday? Yes, even using a computer can be damaging to your health because of the screens brightness can cause eye strain and headaches. Even some computers contain toxins that may cause neurological damage as well.


Are you a clean freak or someone was just likes to feel fresh on a daily basis by taking multiple showers in a day? Well, taking hot bowers everyday while using a scrubbing device actually wears away your skin’s lipids which is the exact thing that helps keep your skin’s moisture.


How many times have you done this while being bored sitting in class back in the days? Biting pens and pencils can shift the positioning of your teeth and your teeth can be damaged on the initial bites as well.


I love eating lemons believe it or not! But the acidity actually erodes your teeth’s enamel, which you need for a healthy mouth.


My son has to have socks on his feet before he goes to bed. Wearing socks in bed prevents the gaseous exchange of your body’s cells which not only damages your skin cells, but it damages your brain cells as well.


Every time I go to the movies I by a bucket of popcorn. I can eat loads of popcorn on a daily basis. Did you know if popcorn gets stuck in your teeth it can cause infections? Also biting down on a kernel can instantly crack your teeth.


Jogging is the healthiest thing you can do, right? Sorry, jogging increases your risk of arthritis especially in your knees and if you run on concrete.


Do you put pounds of sunscreen on your children once you hit the sand on the beach? Some sunscreens tested on animals is said the chemicals can be harmful to the hormone system. But overall you are safe on this one!!


Do you have a job that requires you to sit for a number of hours per day? Your risk of heart disease increases 64% if you sit at your desk for 6-plus hours per day.

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