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These Unexplained Events Will FREAK You Out…A Girl Levitating? WTF

Our world is filled with unexplained events that have occurred that are unexplainable. Whether it’s a scientist or doctor these mysteries may never be explained by modern science. From a random girl levitating in broad daylight or an alien creature found in the woods by strangers, they all have one thing in common….They all are still currently UNEXPLAINED!!! This will definitely have the hairs on your back raised up!
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Things are NOT always what they seem to be. Alien creatures are among us all and have been sighted all over the world for centuries. As human beings we seem to be closed-minded in a sense that we are the only form of creation and opt to think we are the highest form of flesh our creator has created. But haven’t you ever thought that their might be many different forms of living beings such as us??? The video down below may change your mind.
alien in street

This video clip is taking place of a girl levitating in Russia while her mother is watching her from down below, like this isn’t the first time they have done this levitating episode in the woods before. It’s almost creepy afterwards when they actually hear someone and they take off running like they stole something.
girl levitating in russia

The man was strolling in the woods with his dog until he stumbled upon this super natural girl levitating in the air. These unexplained events will make you think twice how big our universe really is!
girl levitating in woods

These spanish guys casually filming in the woods late at night stumble upon this so-called “fallen angel”, whatever the heck that means but once you see the video down below it will freak you the f*@k out!!!
alien in woods

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Danger DolanThroughout the history of man-kind thousands have witnessed these strange phenomena. Many have seen these unexplained events with their own eyes, but have been blown off by their unfaithful followers. If you sit and contemplate over these strange phenomenons, you might want to think again if you think human beings are on top of the food chain. We may not be as dominant as we think we are. What do you think…Are these real or are they a hoax? Only you can decide, especially if most of these mysteries are still unsolved today!!!
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