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Best Outfield Throws In The Past 20 Years. You make Your Choice

Best Outfield Throws In The Past 20 Years

Here are the best baseball throws ever! You decide which one you think is the best? Check out all the videos to compare. There are so many throws that you may have forgotten in the years. Here are some of the best outfield throws in the past 20 years. Considering to be great the best baseball player ever needs to play on both sides of the ball. Look and see for yourself!
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Yoenis Cespedes throwing out Howie Kendrick of the Anaheim Angels

July 7th, 1998 Jose Guillen rifles down Neifi Perez trying to leg out a triple. The Best Baseball Player Ever is usually a five tool player. Having a gun in the outfield is a definite necessity.

Yasiel Puig’s throw to get a double play was impressive. It was so impressive not because of the base he threw at. It was because he was back peddling throwing to first base on a fly. If you ever played baseball before in your life you will understand how hard this is to do.

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Now here is a total compilation of ALL the best throws ever. This includes Jeter, Vladdy, Ichiro, Bo Jackson and so much more. Check it out!

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