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Meet The 7’5″ Tallest High School Basketball Player In The World

High school basketball recruiting is the tallest basketball player in the world. Amazingly, he can grab a 10 foot rim with both hands while he is completely flat footed. Tacko “Taco” Fall is a native of Senegal and has less than two years experience playing American basketball. He attends Liberty Christian Prep in Tavares, Florida. This enormous young man is being recruited by colleges such as Tennessee and Vanderbilt. He is immature in the basketball world, but check him out and watch his potential.
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Taco fall stands 7 feet 5 and is a solid 290 pounds. The word on the street is he is getting better everyday and he is improving his basketball skills and coordination. For someone to be that tall he is extremely quick and agile for this size.
“Tacko is getting better every day,” said E1T1 coach Steve Rees. “He’s extremely quick for a guy who is really like 7-6. He gets up and down the court well. … If Tacko goes to a school with a great development program, you’re going to see some great things from him. … He could be an icon.”
Fall’s is also recruited by a number of top division one colleges such as Florida State, Clemson, Harvard, Tulsa, LaSalle, Central Florida, UTEP, Tulsa and Georgetown.
The college recruiters said,”I can run the floor for a big guy and have a bright future,” said Fall, who can dunk a ball without having to jump. “… (Being 7-5) gives me a big advantage, and I’ve just got to know how to use it. I just have to keep the ball high.”

Being 6’7″ when he was only 14-years old, he said,”Basketball hasn’t always been easy for me. For a guy my size that has to move is a bit tough and this is the reason why I have to train more.”

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