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Sumo Wrestler Wins By A Technique You Will Never See Again…HILARIOUS

If you are not familiar with the sport of sumo wrestling, you will be quick to realize the game has actually few rules. Here is a brief history, two over-sized usually enormous men from Japan crouch down in a NFL lineman stance and they eventually go at it until one of the sumo wrestlers are thrown out of the ring. During the actual bout, the wrestler can use any maneuver to get his opponent outside of the ring. But you may never see another sumo wrestler with this type of technique ever in your life. Take a look!!!

Here are some helpful sumo wrestler pushing drill techniques.

The game of sumo wrestling may seem very easy by the looks of things but I couldn’t dare step in that ring with any of them. At least they don’t allow pulling hair, choking an opponent, or grabbing another opponent in the crotch area…Then it would indeed become a present day “gladiator” fight inside a small little ring.

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