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Sidewalk Skiing Is Almost Considered A Sport In This Country…Huh?

Do you remember when you were 16-years old receiving your first driving permit and parallel parking was one of the hardest things to do, but for others is was much more simple for them. For some there is nothing more exhilarating than jumping behind the wheel and performing these death-defying stunts called “Sidewalk Skiing” mostly done in Saudi Arabia. The latest fad among young Saudi men involves a driver racing on only two wheels most likely with the help of a ramp putting the vehicle onto its side.
sidewalk skiing

This is a little bit more than dangerous driving, while these men get a high doing this daredevil stunt in Saudi Arabia.

The driver has a hard enough job trying to keep the vehicle on its two wheels, while the passengers are in a worst spot holding on for dear life.
These sidewalk skiing daredevils do most of their stunts near the northern city of Ha’il.

Almost every law goes out the window once these adrenaline junkies hit the road with their death defying stunts, while the passengers love to hold on for dear life as their ultimate goal. Being in the middle east they have lots of room to roam with some much of open desert in this country. article-2301976-190128DC000005DC-383_634x400

People even sit in the road while this two wheel vehicle rolls right over them, while onlookers cheer on the side of the road!

To make matters even worse, the driver is literally joined by the passengers who try to hang-on attempting to stay aboard on the outside of the vehicle.
Some even take to sitting directly in the middle of the road allowing the car to speed over them. It has proven in this country to be a popular ‘sport’ almost equivalent to watching a professional golfer tee off on a hole. Excited onlookers cheering with extreme joy as the action unfolds right before their eyes. But onlookers and hopefully everyone else at home are not convinced in trying this themselves at home.

Check out sidewalk skiing in live video as these Saudi Arabians teach us how it is done.

Via: DiagonalView
These amateur stunt men bring a whole new definition to the words “daredevil” and “off road” in the deep deserts in the middle east.

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