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The MASSIVE Satnam Singh Could Be The First Indian Born NBA Player

The towering Satnam Singh is an enormous human being who potentially has the power to change his country all in the matter of hours. The 7’2″ basketball player has his hopes on becoming the first NBA basketball player ever from his native country in India, which is one of the largest countries in the world.
satnam singh

Satnam Singh is doing the best he can to impress NBA scouts before the June 25th, 2015 NBA draft today. If you have never heard of Satnam, then that’s okay because he has been flying under the radar for the past five years.
satnam singh

The Celtics Director of Personal had this to say: There’s not really much tape on him. He’s spent the last five years playing at the IMG Academy in Florida, but he’s the first player since the NBA put age restrictions in place in 2005 to enter the league without first playing in college, a professional foreign league or the D-League.
satnam singh nba player

How old is Satnam Singh? He is only 19-years old where most NBA mock drafts have him being drafted 52nd overall. Even though he is not yet quite ready for the NBA, his massive size and elusiveness for a big man is a rare combination.

The kid was already 7-feet tall by the age of 14 for goodness sakes. Now he is a whopping 7’2″ 290 pound “Shaq Diesel” type of physical stature. Besides, his grandmother stood a towering 6’9″ so I guess he had no choice but to be tall!
Singh had this to say to the Washington post: “I feel good about it because in India there are a lot of Indian players who could have a chance to come here and play in college and high schools,” Singh said Wednesday. “I think I can open the door for everyone to come here and play. So it’s good for India and all the players. It’s good for me and my country.”

IMG Academy
He’s spent the last five years playing at the IMG Academy in Florida, but other than that Singh has little or no experience playing basketball at a high level. So tonight is the night and lets cross our fingers hoping for Singh to make basketball history tonight.

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