Hip Hop R&B Singer Rihanna’ Reveals A Little Bit Too Much In Photo Shoot

I am a great fan of her, I lost control every time I heard someone badmouths her. I follow her almost every day on Twitter. I laugh with on her success and shed tears on her defeats. I can’t help it! I just don’t know why. I witnessed her humble beginning where she was still a bit laid back in terms of fashion preferences, to her transformation as a trend icon. From her long, short, bob and even shaved do in various shades to her the enumerable tattoos she has. Now you can include Rihanna topless revealing it all with confidence. And of course I can’t forget when she was in a highly publicized altercation with then boyfriend Chris Brown, which somehow made a major influence in who she is and what she is right now. I know I’m only one of the uncountable fanatics who look up to her in all walks of her life.

Her real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She was born on February 1988. She is in the business since 200 and the ten year of being into the industry, she earned almost all major tittles and recognitions in music any artists like her dreamed of. Not to mention the boxes of bucks that comes along her fame. Her worth is recently estimated to have reached two hundred eighty million dollars. Even she once claimed bankrupt in 2009 due to her agency’s mishandling. No doubt she already comes so far and there still a lot in store for her. Who would not become super rich when she sold thirty million albums and one hundred singles worldwide? A few of her all time best selling albums are Umbrella, Take a Bow and Disturbia. Not to include the talent fees she bagged home upon endorsing biggest names in the business like Optus, Nivea, Kodak, Armani and many more. I wonder now how much she takes home right after every TV appearances and guesting appearances she makes.

She always blends herself to what is in which is why she is still shining so brightly despite the constant and vigorous change of demands in the music industry. Like her idols whom she said made the biggest influence on her stint, she can do well with ballads like Whitney Houston, She excels in pop like Madonna and renders her best in R&B like Mariah Carey.
With her unsurpassable and remarkable contribution in the world of music, Rihanna received seven Grammy’s, eight American music awards, 22 Billboard and two Brit Awards to date. She was even recognized by Forbes as the forth most Powerful Celebrity in 2012 that proved her hard work didn’t go to no avail. The most significant honor she received was when she was on Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. Something she can always be proud of as it is totally different if your name will be on its annual list.
As blessed as she is, she always fined time to take a glimpse of her past and gives back to the needy. She made the Believe Foundation that helps terminally ill children. She is a great Samaritan indeed. She is due to star in the movie Home which is due to be released sometime next year.

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