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Soccer Legend Dresses Up As Real Samurai Playing Soccer In Brazil

Samurai Playing Soccer

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is coming up in less than a week and every country is taking part in it. The video created by Nissan Cup Noodles to advertise their instant noodles. Watch his skills. Reward winning Japanese football freestylist Kotaro Tokuda shows off his street soccer skills. It was filmed in Brazil and you can see the people in Brazil stood in amazement watching this samurai playing soccer in their native country Brazil.

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Watch his freestyle jaw dropping ball handling skills especially being in a full samurai outfit from head to toe. Watch as he spins, flips while maintaining full control of the soccer ball. Amazing to see.

Who is the samurai masked man? It is Japanese freestyle footballer Tokuda Kotaro who is a freestyle world champion over in Japan.

Check out another one of Tokuda Kotaro’s freestyle video.


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