Real Housewives Daughter Bearing It All At The Beach

Looking at the photos of this young, fresh yet ripened lady, I come to realize that beauty and talent really runs in the blood. She resembles her mom’s alluring face and undeniably captivating appeal. She is only on her teens yet she has proven her worth more than we can fathom. She’s on the peak of her life, discovering what else it can offer.
bella hadid bikini

Isabella khair Hadid is her full name in real life, she is the daughter of real housewives show Yolanda Foster. She is a stunner in almost all endeavors. She excels both in world of fashion and sports. Bella Hadid is the middle child of TV personality, model and interior designer Yolanda Foster. Who will not know her when she was so famous in her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ role. Her father is a real state developer, Mohammed Hadid. She has an older sister Gigi and younger one Anwa. Bella was born on the ninth of the tenth of 1996, a native from Los Angeles California. She toweringly stands five feet and nine inches, paving her early yet promising modeling career.
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Bella Hadid started grabbing the fashion limelight in her early teens. She had previously worked with Marie Claire and Elle France among other giant names in the fashion industry. Had also worked with Jack Guy, Michaela Brooke and Jim Jordan to name a few. And most recently, she opened a clothing line with Robert Riley Jeans. Still craving for more to improve her versatility, she plans to attend Parsons the New School For Design.

Not only that she illuminates in fashion industry, she also shines so bright in the world of sports. Who will think that his soft lady has an unbeatable spirit in horse riding? Contrary to her image as a model, this gal is also a nationally ranked equestrian and in fact started her distinguishable career when she was just three years old. She brought home several recognitions in this field and her ultimate goal right now is to be her country’s representative for the upcoming 2016 Olympics. She can definitely make that event even hotter and worth waiting for sure.

Like a fire burning in middle of the night, real housewives daughter Bella Hadid’ still continues to find where she really belongs. The flame could be too hot like the triumphs she attained; it could also be too dull as if going to ashes, like the toilsome times in her young life. Recently she was all over the news as she was arrested due to DUI but surely that offense couldn’t bury the popularity she’s savoring right now. It might taint yes but never will it stop her from keep on going no matter how tough the going may be.

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