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Is Racism Still Alive. You Won’t Believe What She Said!

Does Racism Still Exist
Is Racism Still Alive? Does Racism Still Exist today in the 20th century? As you can see racism in america today still exists. An African American man here filming the video, I guess startled this women’s children when he legibly started his vehicle up to close to them. Here What She Has To Say! Blatant racism in Buffalo, New York soccer mom snaps on what appears to be an African American in the car.(Skip to 2:00 mark to see where it really heats up)

Not sure exactly how the argument escalated but you would wonder…was it that serious? It is year 2014′ and we still have to run in to situations like this. The truth is social media is everywhere and you can’t hide from sh*$@*

Giving her all the benefit of the doubt, she could have been intoxicated or simply just having a bad day but whatever the case she couldn’t turn off “The Switch!” This is a clear glance that racism in America today still exists. Does Racism still exist? What a shame… Ignorance Is Bliss!

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