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Prom Proposals For Guys, You Might Want To Think Twice After You See This

Prom proposals for guys is almost a pre-requisite for getting young men ready for marriage in their later years. It’s almost like getting a dog with your wife/husband before you have a child together. Either way both occasions suppose to be remembered FOREVER! In most occasions I guess…I once heard a guy asked his wife to marry him on the day of Halloween right after an argument between them. What a romantic man this is!!! But in this case it was totally different for this young teen. This event was actually well thought out, especially for a young romantic as this gentlemen you are about to see. You will notice how nervous he is in the beginning of the video, until the anticipation of her awkward reaction this this poor guy’s prom proposal. He gets an “A” for effort from me if you asked me…Take a look and watch what the girlfriend does at the end.


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This video has gone viral with over 6 million views. The gentlemen’s name in the video is Daniel Pena, where he wanted to ask his girlfriend to the prom in the most special way. He placed signs along the road they were driving that read “will you go to the prom with me” while the girlfriend you will hear her say,” what a stupid way to ask someone to the prom” until she figures out it was the young man sitting right next to her in the car. She feels so bad, bless her heart. Look at it this way, at least the young teen will not make the same mistake while making his wedding proposal to his future wife. LOL!

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