Preventing Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

how to remove stretch marks

The women are too ashamed to talk about the stretch marks, and they have the tendency to think that stretch marks don’t affect all the women, but only them. If you are a mother in the 21st century, you need to know that you look just like any other woman, or even better! If you want to know how to remove stretch marks, you must know that many women have this problem, and that you are on a good path.

Why You Need To Prevent Stretch Marks?

The stretch marks are common for women during pregnancy. However, while for the majority of women, those disappear after giving birth, there are some women that remain with those for a lifetime. Your child is important, but this does not mean that you need to remain with the marks for your entire lifetime. If you want your husband to want you again, you need to make some sacrifices. Well, “sacrifices” is a big word, because actually, what you will need is only to use the stretch mark cream during pregnancy, and a program that would help you to maintain your usual shape.

If you know how to remove stretch marks, you will be back in your old bikini on the beach in less than two months after giving birth. Here are the best methods to prevent those unwanted signs from your body:

– Many sources of vitamin A, D, C and E. Those are useful to maintain the state of health for your skin. Moreover, you can consume crude sunflower seeds every day. Those are loaded with Omega 3, an essential acid required by the skin, which will improve the general elasticity of the skin. those vitamins can also be found in white fish

– Avoid saturated fats, such as the ones from cookies, fast food products and fries. Those have hydrogenated oils, which are harmful not only for the skin, but also for your general state of health. Those are the guiltiest “products” for the majority of problems from the life of a pregnant woman.

– Peeling is another method to remove stretch marks. The brush should be your best friend, and peel your entire body with it. The areas that are predisposed for fat accumulation are the belly, the hips and thighs, and those are the areas where you need to insist. This would help to decomposing the fat acids, simulating the lymphatic flux. The result is that the fat deposits will disappear, and when you will start to lose weight after giving birth, the skin will not be under a lot of pressure.

The effects of stretch mark cream during pregnancy

Those are the advice that you need to follow if you want to know how to remove stretch marks, but when it comes to preventing those, the system is a little different. When you find out that you are pregnant and you consult the doctor for the first time, you should also ask about this matter. How can you be sure that you will look the same after giving birth? What are the best methods to minimize the effects of pregnancy on your body? All those answers can be easily answered if you are smart enough.

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