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Paige Spiranac Is The Most Beautiful Golfer On Earth & No One Can Argue This Fact

This gorgeous blonde golfer, Paige Spiranac, is taking the internet by storm and very rapidly is becoming the hottest golfer in the world. She is not only known for her stunning social media photos, she recently graduated from San Diego University, where her college team won the Mountain West Conference Golf Championship.
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Paige Spiranac hottest golfer in the world

Paige Spiranac is about to be the most talked about female golfer in the world. Hopefully she will not turn out to be another Anna Kornikorva where she showed more beauty off the field, then heart on the tennis court. Lets hope Spiranac doesn’t follow her path.
Paige Spiranac sexy legs
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She is hitting all avenues of the internet by storm and every t.v network is catching on to her.
paige 876
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Paige Spiranac Is The Hottest Female Athlete On Earth And There Is No Arguing This.
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The hot golfer is from Monument, Colorado not only has the obvious looks to become a house hold name, but she has the swing to go with it.

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She even confesses that she is a fitness addict and she has her eyes set on earning her spot on the LPGA Tour alongside the best female golfers in the world.
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The golfing internet sensation who just graduated from college, has a astonishing 85,000k followers on Instagram.

Spiranac road to fame began when her college golf team tricks shot video went viral almost instantly. The SDSU women’s golf team trick shots video on YouTube has more than 1.5 million views and counting.

via: Youtube

One of the reasons why Paige is so fit is she use to train for 38-hours per week when she was a elite junior gymnast before giving it up to focus solely on golf.

She said this to the Gazette Newspaper in Colorado: “I absolutely love golf. It totally beats doing back handsprings on a 4-inch (balance) beam and defying death.”

Last week she won the Colorado Women’s Golf Association Match Play Championship at Raccoon Creek Golf Course which will help her climb the ranks in achieving her goal in playing in the LPGA Tour.

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