Overcoming Negative Thinking Now. Try This

Overcoming Negative Thinking
Let’s suppose that you have the bad habit of insisting to have negative thoughts too much. Let’s suppose that you don’t show anything on the outside. It is just a thought like “I am so depressed” or “I have my job”. How can you eliminate those thoughts that are only in your mind?
There are many ways possible to eliminate a negative pattern. The basic idea is to replace the old pattern with a new one. Resisting to negative thoughts usually mean to obtain unwanted effects. You will only give those more force to harm you.

A simple method to eliminate negative thoughts is to redirect those. It is a lot easier than eliminating them. The idea is not to direct those to other people, but to positive thoughts.
The negative thoughts are like voices in your head. Other voices can tell you what you need to change. If the negative thoughts are ideas, you can try to find the good part in those, and you will transform them into positive thinking without even realizing.

1. Change negative thoughts with mental images
If your thought is “I am an idiot”, try to picture yourself dressed silly and jumping like a madman. If you exaggerate the scene, it is even better. Repeat the scene until the negative thoughts will bring you the image automatically. This way, you will realize that a mistake at work does not mean that you are an idiot, and there are many other mistakes to do before actually being an idiot.

2. Choose a positive thought to replace the negative ones
Now, decide what you would like to think instead of the negative idea. “I am an idiot” could easily turn in “I am a genius”. Sudden change of moods are usually suspicious, but only if they come naturally. If you are able to change your state of mind by imposing yourself to do that, the result will be a positive one. This can also be associated with an image, such as you in a laboratory discovering the formula that cures all the diseases in the world.

3. Connect the images
Take the “I am an idiot” image and put it near the “I am a genius one”. Imagine that you are a movie director. You have the beginning scene and the final one, and you need to complete the middle part. This way, the transition will be easier.

4. The test
Did it work? Try to think “I am an idiot” again, and check if the sentiment is replaced with the positive one. If it works, it means that you succeeded. Moreover, you will feel a complete mood change, and you will never feel the negative thoughts, at least for the rest of the day.
The process works with any negative feeling. Of course, you will need some imagination at first, but once you have done it once, it will become an automatic gesture, so you will be able to change this negative state of mind whenever required.

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