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The Most OUTRAGEOUS Bikini Tans You Have Ever Seen

If you are a woman beauty comes first and comfort definitely comes a last second. As long as the shoes look good, it doesn’t matter what the comfort level is. For all you husbands and boyfriends out there you will absolutely understand what I am talking about on a man’s perspective.
bikini tans

Swimsuit designers across the world fully understand this concept of woman not caring about the outcome of the aftermath of the repercussions of having the worst bikini tans in the world due to the fact of the woman’s nature of looking good being a priority over being comfortable. Take a look!
crazy bikini tans

tan lines

Nightmare tan lines can only last so long, but for these woman it doesn’t matter not one bit. They seem to pay the price for the cost, if you know what I mean. You reap the benefits!!!
sexy tan lines

bikini tan lines

Custom fairy wing tan lines may be your cup of tea??

Not sure if you want to see this! But crazy tan lines can come from other gender’s as well.
man tan line

Who would think of wearing such an outrageous bikini like this is only asking for trouble. I hope she prepared for this ahead of time.
crazy tan lines

I almost don’t understand in a sense, unless you want a spider man tan line imprinted all over your body?

I guess she wanted her boobs to look like some kind of flower or something like that..
bad tan lines

Seriously…What was she doing here? Do you think she really thought of this beforehand or a little liquor was involved in this crazy decision?

Maybe she needs a little sunblock or something like that…I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you are having fun, right?

Please does someone have any cocoa butter lotion or anything to help…Please!

breast tan line

The most gorgeous woman in the world shows you how to get the PERFECT bikini tan in this video…MUST SEE!!

Whether these bikini tan lines are pre-meditated or not I guess it all doesn’t matter not one bit, because all that matters is we ALL have our own choices in life to do almost whatever we want to do! In conclusion, bikini tans for woman are a price they are willing to pay to look good.
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