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How Did Nik Halik Become A Millionaire At The Age Of 20 Years Old

Maybe the best method to determine if it is really possible to become a self made millionaire is to see an example. Nik Halik is one of the good examples. When he was only eight years old, he made a list with 10 things that he wanted to do in life. Amongst those: to become a rock star, to climb the highest mountain in the world, to dine in Titanic, to see 100 countries and to become financially independent.
Today, he fulfilled eight of those dreams, but he still got two left: to walk on the moon and to live on a space ship. Considering the increasing possibilities of NASA, he might get those done also.

What is his story?
He became a millionaire at 20 years old. He is interested about financial education, and about the fact that we must do everything to fulfill our dreams.
“If your business generates incomes, you must put 30% aside. There is a system that dominates our lives. Usually the leaders pay everybody, and then they leave themselves at last. I believe that we are the most important people for ourselves. If you put yourself in front of others, you feel more important”.
He is the owner of two financial companies, Money Masters Global and Financial Freedom Institute, two of the growing financial companies of today.

Nik Halik Live Revealing How He Did It.


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The secret of his business?
I never accept No for an answer. For me, No means a late Yes”
Halik invests since he was 14 years old in the stock market. At 17, he already raised 35 000 dollars. He decided to follow the courses of a university and to become a lawyer. He hired as a tourism agent, and bought a one-way ticket to America. He was the youngest of his family that left Greece and his family, despite the Greek saying that the younger member of the family has to stay home to take care of his parents.
Halik states,“I was not born in a rich family, but I had potential. I am the son of poor immigrants. My parents had two jobs each, but they insisted that we have to go to particular schools. I think it was the best thing that they did for us.”
“I create products that people want I found out this thing by doing research, trying to find a product that satisfies any demand. My unique selling strategy is to make people my clients forever, and to try to model their life. The secret is that Halik tries to teach people not only how to make money, but also how to spend it.
His business was not affected by the financial recession, and this thing might make people understand that financial education can get you over any recession.
Many times, he sold products that he didn’t had, but this means to create a product out of nothing. A traditional retailer buys products, pays taxes, salaries, and then he tries to find clients. It is a mistake. Find the clients first, and then you will find the money to pay everybody a lot easier.


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