New Zealand Immigration Rules & What To Do To Get There Fast

new zealand immigration

New Zealand Immigration Rules.
Unlike Australia, where the maximum age of the solicitant for immigration must is 45 years, the Wellington government accepts people that are of age 55. The system is not precise or complicated if you want your job to be recognized here. The profession is assessed by the NZQA (New Zealand Qualification Authority), and it is mandatory for any person that wants to emigrate here. There are also some professions for which there are certain rules for being recognized.
The cost of assessing your profession is 85-90 USD. The English knowledge can be proven through the IELTS exam, or if the candidate studied and worked in an organization where English was spoken. In this case, the document attesting that the candidate worked in the respective organization is enough.

Other expenses required for New Zealand Immigration documents
There are two sets of documents required for immigrating to New Zealand, with different costs: about $300 are required at the beginning, and about $150 after, depending on the number of members of the family, and of the qualification obtained.
What is important?
The representatives of New Zealand appreciate the experience in work of the solicitant. Each year means two points, but maximum is 10. You can obtain supplementary points if your wife fulfills the immigration conditions. The minimum score for qualification is 25 points, but it is modified every semester. If the points obtained by a solicitant are of 20-25 points, you can obtain a temporary visa with the right to work for 6 months. This offers the possibility to obtain a contract in New Zealand. In the base of the contract, you can remain in New Zealand permanently, if you were able to find a job during the first six months.
The time required to obtain the visa is about one year, but you can reduce the time by using the services of an immigration agent. Be careful! There are many companies claiming that they can get you to New Zealand, when in fact they will only take your money, giving you nothing in exchange.

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The most wanted professions in New Zealand
There are certain jobs that will increase your chances of immigrating to New Zealand. Engineers and geologists are highly cherished here. If you have this job, it is likely for you to obtain the immigration papers easily.
The list with the most wanted jobs is updated every semester. It can be used as a guide for assessing your chances of obtaining the six months visa, if you only obtained 20-24 points. New Zealand does not have a list of generally accepted jobs. Practically, any person is accepted if he or she fulfills the conditions of education and experience.
You can obtain 10-12 points for your profession, 1 point for each year of experience in the occupation recognized by the authorities. 0-10 points for age, and the same number of points from your life partner. There are no points for English notions, but proving the level of English language is mandatory. Without it, the emigration documents are not accepted.

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