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There Is A Why Reason This 17-Year Old 7-Footer Has NBA Scouts Drooling

It won’t take you long to find out why this 17-year old 7-footer is the talk of the town. Thon Baker is one the most unusual top basketball prospects NBA scouts have ever seen who have come a crossed their paths in a long time. He is different and what makes him different will be obvious after watching the slender 7-footer dribble the ball up and down the court like a 6-foot point guard with his fancy footwork. His potential is apparent and makes it very obvious why every college is salivating over this young kid. Watch and see!

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Thon Maker when he was a 8th grader already 6-foot-11. He is part of the 2016 basketball prospects coming out of high school.
Now you can see why this gentle giant took his journey all the way from Africa to the cities of Australia to the top of his high school class. Like Manute Bol and NBA star Luol Deng, he comes from the same Dinka people who are one of the tallest people in the world. You can see where his height comes from as his mother is 6’3″ and his father is 6’8″. So his coach and legal guardian Edward Smith asked Maker,”What kind of game do you want?” Here is how Maker replied.
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Thon Maker said:
“I want to be like [Kevin] Durant, Kobe [Bryant] and [Kevin] Garnett combined,'” Smith recalled. “I was like, ‘Whoa.’ I said, ‘Well, you have the body type.’
It is wise to keep an eye out on this young unbelievable talent, because not for long you will see him thriving in the NBA against the best basketball players in the world.


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