Learn How To Fix This Nagging Issue And Find The Best Natural Canker Sore Cures

Canker Sore Cures

The Canker Sores are small ulcerations, superficial and painful, which appear in the oral cavity. Because of those, talking and eating is difficult. There are two types of Canker Sores:

Simple Canker Sores – might appear three, four times a year, and they heal in one week maximum. Usually, those appear for persons aged 10 to 20.
Complex Canker Sores – less frequent but more dangerous and harder to heal. Those usually appear for people that already have common problems with the simple sores.
Is herpes the same thing?
Although the Canker Sores are usually confounded with herpes, they are a different thing. The herpes supposes the installment of painful pustules, filled with liquid. Unlike the sores, the herpetic lesions are caused by a virus, and they are contagious. Moreover, the herpes lesions appear in the exterior of the mouth also.

It is impossible to establish the exact reason for which the Canker Sores appear. It is considered that stress or contact with foods might be the causes of simple Canker Sores. Certain foods and acid fruits like oranges and lemons are considered the reasons for which this appears, but there are also other reasons for which this might appear. There are also some other complex reasons for which sores appear, such as stress, or deficit of Vitamin B.

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10 Home Remedies For Canker Sores


The signs of Canker Sores are diverse:
Pain in the interior of the mouth
The sensation of burning before the installment of Canker Sores
Round lesions with a white or grey color, with a red, delimited contour
As a result of Canker Sores, you might have fever, and you might feel tired.


There are direct treatments for Canker Sore Cures, which diminish the pain and discomfort, and stimulate the healing process. Usually, the pain caused by the Canker Sores is diminished in a few days, and the wounds disappear after 4 days. If the wounds are severe, painful and resistant, the dentist will prescribe antimicrobial mouth wash, and other substances that can fight the pain and the inflammation.

Canker Sore Cures In Home Treatment

The solutions made with salt water and sodium bicarbonate in a cup of warm water are effective and good treatments. Moreover, you can mix half of spoon of sodium bicarbonate with some drops of water, until this has the consistency of pasta that helps removing the pain. Salt and sodium bicarbonate help healing by reducing the alkalinity and by killing the bacteria.


Canker Sore Cures
Hydrogen peroxide – mix one part of peroxide with one part water. Use a cotton wool to apply the solution directly on the affected area. Don’t swallow the solution. It is an antiseptic that heals the wounds.

Magnesium milk – is frequently used as a completion to the peroxide. With the cotton wool, you can apply this directly on the sore, three, four times a day. It must be used after the peroxide. It contributes to ameliorating the pain, and it accelerates healing.

Apply Ice – Apply ice directly on canker sores.

Baking Soda– (dissolve 1 teaspoon of soda in 1/2 cup warm waterOne of the simplest methods to for Canker Sore Cures is to brush your teeth often! You never thought that is was so easy! Well, it is, as 80% of the sores appear for people that “forget” to brush their teeth now and then.

Canker Sore Cures

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