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Napoleon Hill Is One Of Greatest Writer’s With Amazing Quotes

who is napoleon hill

Who is Napoleon Hill? Napoleon hill is an American writer who is one of the greatest writers who has ever written about SUCCESS. Napoleon Hill Quotes are a great motivator technique as well. He is an author known from the New Thought Movement era. His most famous book is “Think And Grow Rich.” His most controversial book is by far “Outwitting The Devil” for many reasons we will unveil.
Outwitting the Devil is a fascinating book simply because it was written in 1938, but it still has valid and proven methods for success. Napoleon Hill wrote this book in a tumultuous period, when the world was preparing for what would be the most important war of human history since now. Still, it is one of the most popular books about success, with valid arguments and clear ideas. Many of the important people of global economy today were inspired by the ideas of Napoleon Hill.

The wife of the author was always against publishing the original manuscript, simply because the name was too offensive or dangerous for that time, but 40 years after the death of the author, things are different, so the followers of the author decided that the world needs to know the truth. The correlations and connections between what happened during the Great Depression as described by Hill and what happened in the world during the 2008 recession are fascinating, giving us a pattern that we must know for the future.
What would we learn from it?
Fear, anger, jealousy and envy are only some of the obstacles that appear in a man’s life, and those have to be defeated by a person that is looking for success. Here are some of the principles debated by Hill in his book.
– Purpose – learn how to stay focused and how to overcome your fears
– Self Mastery – understanding goals and setting principles
– Understanding adversity – understanding the obstacles and making them stepping stones towards success.
– Controlling the environment – making sure that you have the power to change things, and that things don’t have the power to change you in worse
– Harmony – peace of mind is the perquisite for success. It is impossible to win as long as you are not peaceful with yourself
Think and Grow Rich is only the beginning if your way to success, as Outwitting the Devil is what defines you as a person looking for success. So if you are still wondering Who Is Napoleon Hill? He is one of the greatest writers who has ever lived.

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