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Miley Cyrus Slips Her NIPPLE Past Live MTV Awards Show…OMG

Do you remember the sweet innocent little country singer’s daughter way back in the day. We all know that little girl is long gone. From sticking her tongue out on stage and her infamous 2013 twerking appearance on the MTV VMAs. We could only wonder what’s next…

Miley Cyrus is pretty relaxed in her sexy skin tight leather one-piece skirt before her planned upcoming antics…

While hosting awards show two years she had her infamous run in with R&B singer Robin Thicke rubbing against him making him extremely uncomfortable during national televised show.

1377526665_robin-thicke-miley-cyrus-zoomShe definitely topped her last performance, by lighting up a joint backstage, she obviously needed to be very relaxed before performing on stage.
miley cyrus smoking joint

miley cyrus smoking weed

You can say Miley has made her point by wearing the most outrageous risky outfit any celebrity has ever worn while hosting a show, as she comes out in a white mini-skirt type dress barely covering her private parts.

As we all know the new Miley will make sure she is raunchy as possible as long as she is the center of attention.


Miley relayed to the audience,”Stick your tongues out,” persuading the audience to mimic her.

She made sure she out did her last outfit by wearing the most ridiculous but sexy outfit you will ever see, that might make her a little bit more appetizing at the same time.

The female artist pushed every limit tonight, even taunting the crowd making sure she made it clear she wasn’t wearing any underpants.

You can’t hate on her for letting it all hang out..that’s an understated as you can see!

Just hours before the show, she got the party started early by posting these nude pics of herself.
miley cyrus naked

miley cyrus butt

Her outfits got better and better as the night went on…Even this bikini that brings back the term “camel toe” in full affect.


The hot 22-year-old pop star found a whole new way to be even more insanely outrageous. Despite the live MTV VMA’s broadcast being on a delay, due to occasions such as this, Miley still managed to get her bare breasted nipple on national television. I wonder what she has in store for next year!!!
miley cyrus nipple

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