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Is It True Man Can Walk On Water Now, Non-Newtonian Fluid Can Make It Happen

Is this how far humans have evolved? Man can truly walk on water in the 20th century, is that possible? I remember when I was was a little kid I use to watch “The Jetson’s” cartoon series where I imagined cars flying in the world only in my head, now to see my imagination maybe have come true. Well, you will see with the invention of a non-newtonian fluid pool all things are possible. There is no more dreaming of having all the powers in the world, especially when you can walk on water in this day and age.


Many salt solutions are considered non-newtonian fluids, such as ketchup, custard, and toothpaste are known to have these fluids in them. When pressured these fluids can sustain someone walking on the surface to withstand the weight. Human beings have come a long way in all our years we have been on this earth.

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