Lil Wayne Confronted By Crips Gang Member At Hollywood Club

There are repercussions in everything we do in life. So if you are going to rep a gang affiliation, then you will need to know many of your rivals will call you out on it. And like here it doesn’t matter where you are at or who you obviously are. As seen here celebrity rapper Lil Wayne was confronted on July 29th by a Crips gang member after performing at a club in Los Angeles called the Supperclub. Rapper Lil Wayne is known for his connections with the rival Blood gang affiliate. Take a look and watch what Weezy ends up doing.

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Newly Lil Wayne girlfriend Christina Milian was rumored to be with him at the time of the incident. You can see the guy in the blue hat approached Wayne while he was walking back to his car after his performance.

“Ay Wayne, Ay Wayne, Wayne. Big Magic here,” the angry guy said. “You better check in n—-. Magic, n—-. 87 gangsta, n—-. Crip. Straight up. Crip, n—-. Straight up, n—-. Crip, n—-. F— Suge, n—-. Crip, n—-. N—– can’t say s—. You can call who you want to. Birdman, anybody.”

Thank goodness rapper Lil Wayne decided not to respond. In fact he didn’t even acknowledge the guy while the bodyguard acted like a barricade between the both of them. Weezy just got in the car and drove off. Of course, Weezy has had many run ins similar to this situation. In 2008, he was approached by rapper 40 Glocc and his fellow crip member entourage. I guess if you are a rapper saying,”Blood This, Blood That” on most of your lyrics, you can expect situations like this.

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