Find Out Why The Hell Lebron James Is On A Diet

About a few weeks ago after Lebron james tweeted images of his newer, lean figure, the media has been on a frenzy on the reasoning behind it. Why is James on a low carb diet? Why would the best basketball player on the planet need to be doing anything to his physique at this point in his career? Especially when carbs are the very essential source of energy for an athlete of his caliber.

Well, James is soon to be 30-years of age, 6-foot-8 and he is listed at 250 pounds. Based on the facts an athlete like James needs up to 4,000 calories daily to maintain his listed weight. So why would the best basketball player in the world at the peak of his career want to lose weight? We can probably say he is in preparation for the Cleveland Cavaliers latest acquisition power forward Kevin Love. James playing for Miami Heat he was forced to play up to five positions because of the size of the Heat. Now that Love will be primarily in the power forward position, James will move to his more natural position at small forward. Since he will be covering more smaller, quicker players on the wing he wants to be more agile to keep up. Not that his defense has ever been an issue of some sort. But just because he wants to get better.


More pictures of Lebron James Much Noticeable Slimmer Look.



James also turns 30 in December and his body has taken a toll over the past years. He has averaged close to playing 40 minutes per game his entire eleven year career. Plus tacking on 158 playoff games, four straight appearances in the finals, all-star game every single year, including three Olympics and other international tournaments. He has probably logged in more minutes than anyone in the NBA in that time period. As the great Michael Jordan packed on pounds later in his career to out stand the pounding from “The Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons, James is adjusting to his advantage as well.

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