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Lack of Sleep Can Lead To Fake Memories

There is a new study conducted by some researchers recently pertaining to the occurrence of false memory. Those memories that you are really convinced took place and in fact you have a very vivid vision of those events – but on the other hand, those are just product of your imagination. This is only a mere occurrence of events just in your head due to your lack of sleep. This study was made by those scientifically inclined individuals both from Michigan State University and the University of California.
Deprive me of food but don’t ever deprive me of sleep, a line I once read, became curious and realized how real this is. It is really a fact that one will have a hard time figuring out what is right to be done when you are face in a dilemma and uncertainties and you needed to make an accurate decision towards it. No wonder the line “let me sleep with it” become very famous and truly work. You can’t have coherent ideas once you lacked of sleep and I know everyone has experienced this.

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When one is asleep, your brain is generating cells that will help you be refreshed and alert for the next day. So whatever you’ve been through the day before, that has been stored in your brain clearly and you can recall them unerringly. Sleep will also help you calm down and release all tension you have in your system in order for you to be restored and seemed new again. In addition to this, hormones are also released during sleep like feel – good hormone dopamine that enhances long term memory storage. You won’t be wrong, just sleep with it and you will be always be guided with your sanity.
Sleep and memory always come together. They cannot be separated because you will only give fake judgments if you lack one. This is true mostly if you are told to recall the order of events that took place for example. You will just mess things up and will really have a very difficult time recognizing what happened first and so on. So If you happen to be tasked to distinguish sequence of events by chance, don’t give your own version especially if you are on a very tiring state. Sleep first as in here consolidation of memory best happens, you will not tarry for sure and you will be quite reliable source of information as well. Just a heads up, sleeping is different from taking a nap. When you sleep you have to mind as well the quality and quantity of it. An excess is not advisable as this will give u headaches and more sleepiness, a lack of it will only make things worse than you think.

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