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Here Is Why Cubs’ Kris Bryant Will Be The Next Face Of MLB

Last week in the beginning of April 2015, the Chicago Cubs called up their #1 hitting prospect up to the big leagues. Not only is he the Cubs #1 prospect but he most likely the number prospect in all of baseball anywhere in the world today. There are many reasons on why Kris Bryant will be the next face of MLB, such as he is one of the few young prospects to ever have the scouting world and statistics almost unanimously agree for the first time in ages. Bryant is likely to match all the hype, with little argument against him.

Here is a prime example why Bryant will become the new face of mlb. A guy with his 6’5″ frame has no business being able to hit an inside pitch on the black for a double of the right field wall. This is “Jeterish” inside out type of swing and it can not be taught. Especially for a man of his size and frame. Take a look!

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The video speaks for itself and if you are an avid baseball fan you won’t be able to count on one hand finding players with this type of inside out swing with that kind of power. In baseball terminology, he will be so difficult to pitch to, similar to a man called Mike trout of the Anaheim Angels.

Here is Bryant playing centerfield for the first time in the MLB. Now remember, Bryant has a 6’5″ 220 pound size frame and he is playing centerfield in his first week in the big leagues. He does not get enough credit for his agility as you can see right here.


Bryant ties game with his first major league hit.


You will see in his spring training highlights his swing is unorthodox. You are not taught to swing in an uppercut motion as you will see in this video down below. His ultimate goal is to try to hit every ball to centerfield. Watch and see!


Here is the reason why both scouts and statistics finally agree on a player of this caliber. Living in the analytical baseball world these days, here is a comparison among some of the top hitters in the MLB.

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Most of the names you see above are potential Hall Of Famers. So looking at Bryant’s projected ranking you can see now why the baseball world is head over heels for this young man. Best of luck to you Mr. Bryant. We wish you the best!!!
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