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Japanese Pitcher Throws a Pitch You May Never See Again

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During an actual professional baseball game a Japanese Pitcher Kazuhito Tadano throws one of the craziest pitches you will ever see during a baseball game. He throws the unorthodox Eephus pitch that if you are a baseball fan you will be amazed when you see it. He brings back the “Eephus” pitch. You will rarely ever see an Eephus pitch if you are a fan of baseball. You need to see this one!
The Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters pitcher had a 1-2 count both confusing the hitter and the umpire at the same time. It may have been easier to distinguish for the umpire if it was the First Pitch to the opposing batter instead of the batter being in a strikeout count. The pitch looked like a strike but Tadano was not rewarded with the strikeout. This is not the first pitch ever thrown like this in a professional baseball game, such other big name players like Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers has thrown a similar Eephus Pitch like Tadano as well.

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The Eephus pitch is a very slow junk pitch. I guess you can call it an offspeed pitch. June, 1943 was the first ever recorded known eephus pitch thrown by Rip Sewell who went on to win 20 games in the year of 1943. Throwing in 300 major league games Sewell only gave up one career home run to other than the hall of famer Ted Williams.

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