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Cool Inventions Like This May Save Japan From Sinking One Day

It’s amazing to see the evolution of man-kind. We have come a long way from living in the stone age surviving against humungous creatures such as dinosaurs and any other large carnivores who ruled our world. No wonder when things don’t go right for us humans we tend to go in survival mode, because we have been taught that way through the history of time. We obviously have come a long ways since then and have come up with numerous cool inventions, some good some bad. The world thought man could never fly, then here come the Wright brothers to prove the world wrong. We can go on and on about all the cool invention ideas man has created since the age of time. One thing is for sure, inventions have definitely paved the way to change the world! Take a look at what the japanese accomplished with this cool invention that may save millions of people one day!

An underground discharge channel has been built outside of Tokyo. These gigantic shafts store flood water, which Japan has prepared many years ago. Remember, Japan is a small island in the middle of no way which the japanese feared for centuries their country would be swallowed up by massive floods over time.
cool inventions
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The japanese since ancient times have been trying to develop an invention like this due to steep rivers overflowing the ocean can easily put the island surrounded by water into harms way. Here is a chart on exactly how the discharge channel works.

japanese inventions flood control

The first underground shaft receives water directly from the river.


A tunnel built 50 meters below ground measures 10 meters in diameter and
stretches 6.3 km in total.

cool inventions

Before discharging into the river the water is stored in this enormous controlled storage tanks. Who would have thought of this???
japanese cool inventions

How do they do all of this? Well, broaden your imagination and take a look at maybe the biggest drill in the world that you may have ever seen before.
largest drill in the world

Do you want to see see the aftermath of what the humungous drill did? Well, take a look down below at the end result
flood control


Imagine a 25-meter swimming pool being drained every second? Yes, I said every single second, Amazing!!! Here are the pumps that actually do all the work.


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Flood control using this method has attracted worldwide attention and draws visits by flood control experts from many countries, including China and South Korea. This method is usual for countries who do not have the resources of having space to build something like this on above land. Either way it’s pretty ingenious of the Japanese thinking of one of their many cool inventions like this one.
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