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Watch This New Video And Decide If 2pac Is Still Alive In Cuba

Is 2pac still alive

If you are a 2pac fan would you believe 2pac is still alive or is it just a myth. Believers think he is still alive and someday when he is ready he will make his grand entrance. Is 2pac still alive? There are many conspiracy theories about 2pac’s death. Some believe he staged his own death. Many circumstances appear after you watch this controversial video. Click on video below!!

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There weren’t any keys in the car ignition? He said, “He does not owe anybody nothing!” Being tired of the limelight and in fear of his own life, could he be in cuba as we speak? Perhaps he was trying to escape his complicated and difficult life. Some truly do believe he will come back when he is ready to. Check this video out and decide for yourself? Is 2pac still alive 2pac still alive At the end of the day is 2pac still alive in cuba? How did 2pac die in the first place? Was it a conspiracy or was he simply set up? It will be an ongoing discussion that may go on for years to come.Please leave your comment at the bottom.


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  • I’ve been saying this for years. It just sounded too funny that you died the say way you said you were. Come on now be for real. I feel like he wanted to eliminate Biggie cause he was the biggest threat. He faked his death to make it seem like Biggie had something to do with it. He got Biggie killed then he got lost. I still believe he is alive and according to BET he was at the awards this year. I couldn’t tell if it was him cause I didn’t see his neck that well. From a distance it looked just like him. This is the year he suppose to come back so… But I love this

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