Immigrating To the City Of Angels: The Best Place to Be on Earth

immigration attorney Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the city of Hollywood stars, great movies and luxury. Many people dream about living here, not only because of that, but because the city offers so many great perspectives. If you are also looking for such an opportunity, you will need to find an immigration attorney Los Angeles, but before that, you can find some free immigration advice in this article.

How to emigrate

There are numerous ways to emigrate in the United States, but they are not easy. The majority of those methods are connected with some person or relative that you have in the United States. If you don’t know anybody there, it will be a little difficult. In this case, it is mandatory to find an immigration attorney Los Angeles.

Immigrant in the base of an employee contract

This category is divided into five categories also. The professional categories are composed of people that have aptitudes in the field of sciences, art, teaching, business or sport. The second category is the one of professionals: people that studied at important universities recognized by the American government, and people with special aptitudes in arts, science and business. The third one is composed of people without superior education, but which are qualified in jobs that are wanted in the United States. The category of special immigrants is composed of priests and employees of international organizations. The mast category is the one of investors and people that creates jobs. The minimum necessary of capital is 500 000 dollars, but this also depends on the geographical areas of the United States where the person wants to settle.

Free immigration advice: asking for a visa

Some people from the privileged categories can file the petition in their own name. For all the other persons, the petition will be filed by a relative or by an employee. The employment petition is filed with the form 140.

Before filing the petition to USCIS, the persons with superior studies and people from different professions have to show that there are not qualified available persons in the USA for the respective workplace.

Special immigrants, immigration attorney Los Angeles, people that get back to USA and the employees of the United States government have to ask for a visa from the USA State Secretary, through the consular USA office from the foreign country. All the other categories of immigrants need to file a petition with the form I526 from INS. The same form is required for investors.

Non-eligible categories

To protect the health if the US citizens, the immigration law does not allow visas for certain people. Those that suffer from diverse diseases, and also people with a criminal record will not be allowed to obtain the visa. For fast result you can hire immigration attorney in Los Angeles.

People that solicit visas of any kind, including children, have to pay a tax for soliciting the visa, which is not reimbursed. The tax is paid whether you are accepted or not. Its value depends on the type o visa that you want. Even if the taxes are displayed in US dollars, you will have to pay those in your local currency.

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