Imagine If You Had One Of The 5 hardest Jobs in the World

5 Hardest Jobs In The World

Imagine If You Had One Of The 5 hardest Jobs in the World.There are only a few people able to find the best work place, the one that suits their needs and aspirations. It is hard to stay on the same job for the entire lifetime, and it is even harder to like it. Some people are so unlucky that they are not able to find this perfect job. On the contrary, they are forced to work in hard conditions. The rest of us should be happy that we don’t have such difficult jobs. Next time when you complain that your company didn’t offered you the best training, maybe you should think about people working on the next positions.

1. Safari employees that have to chase monkeys

For this job, a strong man is required. The conditions are stressful, and the job takes place in extreme conditions. The employee drives around the natural reservation, to check if the monkeys stay in their places. The hardest part is when the monkeys climb on the vehicle, and he has to chase those for eight hours and even more in the hot sun, so the monkeys would not escape from the reservation.


Sometimes, this job is completed with the one of gathering the dead bodies of animals. Why not? As long as the caretaker drives around the reservation all day long, gathering the dead monkeys comes as a bonus to chasing the alive ones.

2. Janitor at a porno cinema

Cleaning after spectators at a cinema is a difficult task already, but gathering trash in a cinema hall where a porn movie was played is even more annoying. Just think about the used condoms, napkins and everything else that can be found in the hall after such a movie. Well, maybe there is an advantage, as those janitors can watch all the porn movies free.

3. Animal masturbator

No, it is not a sick joke or a deranged person that likes to do weird things to animals. The sperm of some species is important for studies, for reproduction and for other purposes, so there has to be somebody that masturbates the animals to collect the sperm. It is all for science, so the people doing this can’t complain too much.


4. Researchers of the Brazilian mosquitoes

Being a researcher is something to be proud of, but the ones that study the Anopheles Darlingi can’t be so happy. This is the most dangerous species of mosquitoes, as they spread malaria and other dangerous diseases. This is why the researcher must have some courage. When it is feeding time, the researcher must offer his hand to the insects. This is also for science purposes, of course.

5. Biologic hazard inspector

It is an extremely dangerous job! The employee wears special costumes, as there are huge risks in this job. Those inspectors work with laboratories that study pathogen compounds that are transmitted through air, and there are no treatments for the diseases that might spread. The job is not dirty, but one mistake could lead to death, and this is why this is not a job for anyone.

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