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Once I Get This In My Life Is When I Will Be Happy

The successful man

Once I get this then I will be happy? Does this sound like you? I am unhappy because I don’t have enough money, I don’t have a soulmate or because I don’t have any kids. ┬áIt sounds like most of us have done this at least a few times in our lives! Maybe still to this very day. Have you ever known someone who is mentally killing themselves in whatever they are pursuing and they keep telling you, “Once I get the formula, then it’s over! I will be rich!” Or they may say, “Once I get this one thing finished, then it is all over! Once I get these clients. Watch and see!”

Nothing seems to be conspiring in the physical form , except for one thing. The individual has zero notion they keep running the same emotional pattern over and over in there head, not realizing it is absolutely incorrect. Before you know it they are almost reaching the age of 40, no wife, no kids and horrible health. Does this sound like someone you know? Still to this day trying to find the ONE THING that is going to make them rich. Or that ONE THING that is going to make them happy. We all have done it in our lives. When will we decide to change? Today?

The successful man

Little do we know…All successful people have one thing in common! They all don’t believe in the GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES. Or something great happening by coincidence. They are don’t believe in waiting on this one magic moment they will one day wake up in the morning and God will grant them that golden key to SUCCESS OR HAPPINESS! Here is how successful people think. Happy people generally do not focus on themselves. People who say, “I Am Unhappy” are simply at the present moment focusing on themselves. Maybe just a switch in your emotional state can pop you out of that mood.

They mostly all are highly strong fierce competitors who love to “win!” I mean not just “win” but to be the best! To be the best means they need to dominate everyone. To dominate everyone they only know this ONE secret code of success. To OUTWORK & GET BETTER than everyone every single day! There are no shortcuts to success. There are no short cuts to be great! We all bleed the same color blood, so what makes a more successful man different than you? Honestly, think hard about it? What did you come up with? It is not because he is smarter than you! It is not because the man upstairs gave him a better gift than you. It is because the successful man understands what it takes to be the best! Quite simply, he just works harder than you.

The successful man literally puts in 20 hour days of getting better while the other man only puts in 8 hours that day. The successful man knows he needs to do SPECIFIC things daily to get better. While the other man is on the phone for 12 hours a day thinking he did things to get better. The successful man does not lie to himself when he goes to bed! He asks himself, ” Did I get better today?” His answer usually is “yes.” The other man will ask the same question when he goes to sleep and his answer would be the same “yes.” But deep down inside he doesn’t have a sound sleep because he lied to himself! Because he knows he didn’t get better at all today even though he was on the phone for 12 hours the whole day. Because he didn’t do anything SPECIFIC to get better today.


The successful man sneaks out of bed at 4am almost every morning trying not to wake his wife up so he has a head start to get better than the next man because he loves being the best. He loves being a step ahead of all of his opponents. The other man rolls out of bed maybe two hours later and goes through his day just like any other day not knowing he is wasting valuable time. The successful man loves what he is doing because he loves to “win” for the blissful feeling he attain inside his heart after it is all said and done! The other man is stressed out most of the days with his eyes blood shot because he does not have any direction or knows his passion and he steadily chases the MONEY. While chasing the money he does not realize it is chasing the money that is ruining his life. He has no idea a simple switch in his head to change his mind set will change his life forever. Instead the other man keeps on running the same pattern the rest of his day. Then one day he looks around and he is 60 years old, with no wife, no kids and his life is three quarters over. The worst part of all is he can’t get those years back. Which man will you be? You only get one shot at this life on earth, so do the impossible and go after what your heart desires. Today!!!


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