How to Love Yourself More & Learn Why We Are Not Happy About Ourselves

How To Love Yourself More.
You can start by accepting the fact that you are not the only person that has this problem. There are many persons that have self esteem problems. Second, let’s consider the fact that you are a wonderful person, and that there is nobody like you.

how to love yourself more

Why are you unique?
Besides the genetic material and fingerprints, there are many other different things about you. The way you think is different also. This means that you are unique amongst the 6 billion persons on this planet. If Mother Nature made you unique, just accept this fact. You have the right to be on this planet just like any other person has.
Another right is the one to make mistakes. Making mistakes is common, and the majority of us learned how to do something good after making some mistakes. This is why we have the right to respect and to be respected. We also have the right to say Yes or No in matters that concern us. It is not healthy to feel guilty for a certain aspect of your behavior.
Why you can make mistakes
Sometimes, we feel worthless because we were not able to pass an exam, or because we were not promoted at work, for being rude, or for having an affair.
Try to eliminate destructive thoughts
Many persons with a low self esteem think that they are not important, and that their opinions are not important. Are you this kind of person? If so, try to remove those destructive thoughts. If you start to believe in those, you will encourage other persons to do the same. Think about yourself as about a person that has rights, ideas and opinions that are just as valid as the ones of others.
Improving self esteem
People with low self esteem don’t give themselves too much space or time. Therefore, you should find 10 minutes every day to be only with yourself, and to do nothing. Some people find it relaxing when they close their eyes, imagining a country sightseeing, or imagining the waves on the seashore.
Concentrate on the positive side. We are unhappy because we thing about the mistakes we have done, but we can improve our self esteem if we learn from the past mistakes.
For example, after having a presentation in front of many people, instead of thinking about what went wrong, it is a better idea to think about what was good. Make a list with the things that went well. You don’t have to write the wrong ones, as you remember those!

how to love yourself more

Write 50 things that you love about yourself
If you have a low self esteem, it might take weeks before seeing a change. It is important to be perseverant. You can write down your personal characteristics. You can include the physical ones also. You can write about the people that you helped, and about the ones that love you. Once you have the list, keep it somewhere where you can see it all the time.

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