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Stop Focusing On Yourself If You Want To Be Happier

Helping Others Brings Happiness

Helping Others Brings Happiness
The people that are happy have many things in common with other people that are happy, just like the people that are unhappy look alike one with the other. They simply know How To Be Happier than the average person. Unfortunately, negative feelings can be transmitted one way or the other. There are some people that need to “feed” their negative feelings by stealing the positive ones from the happy people. They don’t even know that they are doing that, but they are doing it. We are talking about those persons in the group that arrive later, and instead of trying to integrate in the positive atmosphere, they try to talk about all the bad things that happen to them during that day. Soon, the entire atmosphere will be ruined. The “negative” member of the group will not feel better for sharing his or hers troubles, but the good mood of the rest of people at the table will also be ruined.

Helping Others Brings Happiness
What can you do as a positive person?
People that are happy build a strong bridge and strong social connections. Happy people know the key on How To Be Happier is by not focusing on themselves. Happy people are always in connection with their families, neighbors and friends. Humans are social beings so they need to be close to others, they need to help others and to be helped when needed. People that help others have a strong barrier against depression. Even if they are not able to do much for themselves, they live through the persons that they helped. “So what if my life is not great now, at least my friends and relatives are OK!” Of course, this means to implement positive thinking and a good mood. The opposite feeling is envy, which might be a problem for some, something like: “My life is not OK, although I have helped people around me to be happy!”

How helping others cures depression
In a world where depression is a common feeling, and where we need to fight with ourselves, with our fears and with anxiety, helping others has become harder. It is not that we are bad persons, but we simply don’t have the power to help others. “I already have so many problems; I don’t have the power to take the problems of others upon me.” Well, the cure for your problems might be exactly helping others! Besides the fact that those persons might help you when they have the chance, you will also feel better just because you were able to do something for them.

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Helping Others Brings Happiness
Good people know that it is good to help others
People that are happy will voluntarily help others. Researches show that there is a strong connection between the behavior of helping others and the general positive state of mind. Studies showed that people suffering from sclerosis were able to ameliorate their condition simply by helping others that had the same condition. Being happy is impossible in a hostile environment, where all the members of a family or community are sad, so before solving your own problems, maybe it is a good idea to help others. This way, you will help yourself even more!

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