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How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend may be one of the hardest things a young man will think he is doing at that very moment. Having no set formula to use when asking a girl to be your girlfriend, but here are a few possible methods or scenarios you can follow when asking a nerve-wracking question like this one…

1) The Casual Approach. If the two of you are already on good terms, meaning the both of you are very comfortable with each other then first thing is first. You may want to start with a light normal conversation you two normal would have in a casual setting. You might not want to ask your soon to be girlfriend on a baseball like this…

how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

2) Talk To her in a Group Setting. There may be nothing more uncomfortable if you ask a girl to be your girlfriend while making it extremely uncomfortable for her at the same time. Basically don’t turn it into a freaking marriage proposal scenario setting and make it in a nonchalant atmosphere.

3) Be Totally Upfront And Honest.There is no time to beat around the bush where you are stammering with your words and speaking unconfidently. As a man, a woman wants to feel assurance when being spoken to. So when you ask make sure you are very direct in everything you are saying.

4) Don’t Over Do It!!! One of the worst things you can do is to scare the young innocent girl into making her feel like you are on one bended knee saying to her,”I need your full life sentence for the rest of her life!” This will definitely freak her out, so please don’t rush it and be patient.

5) Make sure she likes you. This is a definite for all men is to make sure your soon to be girlfriend actually likes you. Don’t make it an “American Idol” situation where the contestant actually thinks he should win, but in reality is the worst singer ever. Don’t be this guy.

6) Make sure you have the right attitude. In every situation in life you should always want to be in a positive attitude, especially in this situation?

7) Have the right reaction. You always want to have the correct reaction regardless if she says “yes” or “no” just make sure you don’t lose your cool and have an allergic reaction just because you did not hear what you wanted to hear. Of course it will sting if she says “No”, but do not let the male ego take over by overreacting.

8) Be Honest. Lastly, just make sure you are your TOTAL self and simply just “be you.” If she does not like you for who you truly are then it is not mean to be.

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Always remember no one is perfect in life and we all will be faced with the challenge of being rejected at one point in time in our lives. The key is to ALWAYS look in the mirror at ourselves and know “We Are Good Enough” and embrace that we all are imperfect…And that;s just life!!!
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