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The Hottest Flight Attendants You Will EVER Lay Your Eyes On

Air traveling can be a huge headache these days, especially when you have to wake up an extra few hours just to be the morning rush hour traffic. Not only that it’s once you get to the airport is when all hell breaks loose. This is why having the hottest flight attendants on board your airplane can make your headache go away in an instant.
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hottest flight attendants

This maybe the only time we pay attention to their announcements just before taking off. Other than that we really don’t give a sh*t.
hot flight attendant

A hot flight attendant is hard to come by these days, but if you travel on a frequent basis then soon you will find some like this…
hot flight attendants

The controversial airlines “Ryan Air” has been getting much heat for the way they are handling their advertising techniques by using hot flight attendants as the primal focal point to drive more customers in. They even have a sexy hot calendar shoot which features these hotties.
ryan air hot flight attendants


Ryan Air says they will continue to advertise this way!

hottest flight attendants

While sitting in the aisle row, when the flight attendant purposely slams their beverage cart into your arm that has been hovering over the aisle. It might be more forgiving now!

ryan air

Japan’s Skymark Airlines caused an uproar when it unveiled a temporary uniform featuring skimpy miniskirts.

Edita Schindlerova, 22, in a RyanAir uniform slightly underdressed.

Of course, here is a better version of what their attire will look like on the actual airplane.

Air Asia makes it on the list for having the hottest flight attendants around the world.

India’s favorite airlines for obvious reasons, Kingfisher Airlines is on top amongst the list as well.
india hot flight attendants

I doubt these two could fit in a puddle jumper and may need to settle for only working inside 747-airplanes since they are so tall.

Sexy Vietnamese flight attendants from VietJet cause minor scandal for this reason here.

You will find it very peculiar that more men are suddenly moving about the gallery just a little bit more. So all you guys out there, even though it may be a hassle packing up all your belongings getting ready for a long day of traveling. You can always look at the bright side and pray first thing in the morning for you to have a hot flight attendant aboard your airplane. LOL!
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