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Hot Stewardess FIRED For Being Too Beautiful

Would you fire her for doing this? Zuhal Sengul is 32-years old and last year while working for Turkish Airlines, this hot stewardess angered her bosses when they saw her showing off her sexy curves in what they said was too sexy of an attire while working as a model doing a photoshoot on a featured Italian magazine in 2014.
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hot stewardess

Here are some steamy pics of the beautiful goth model Zuhal Sengul. Her bosses finally admitted that Turkey is becoming more religious so this played a big factor in their decision to fire her.
hot gothic model

You don’t see too many gothic models getting this this much publicity.


Turkish Airlines President said this: “This new guideline is totally down to Turkish Airlines management’s desire to shape the company to fit its own political and ideological stance.


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Turkish Airlines is one of the fast growing airline companies in the world and for this reason they are becoming stricter on their employee policies.

Once the Turkish airlines saw the hot stewardess on the italian magazine they fired her instantly. As you seen on the video the reason she was fired was because she was wearing a sexy skimpy bikini. I guess it doesn’t pay in being a hot flight attendant these day.
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