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Hot Softball Player Does The Best Bat Trick Imaginable

It seems trick shots are the new fad of the internet these days. More in doubt fancy sport shots have become the most common video for people to post via social media. From fancy field goal kicks, basketball trick shots in the backyard pool, or even throwing a basketball off of a dam in proving a point who has the coolest trick shot ever. Being first is everything right…Everything after first we all say is no good! Everyone can do anything but us humans seem to get better and better, as you will see this trick is on an entirely different level. This amy be the coolest trick ever done with a softball, a softball tee, a sturdy right foot and a throw in cute girl.

This softball player does a jaw-dropping bat trick before smashing the ball into the woods. Take a look how she amazingly does a bat flip behind her back, then kicking the softball off of the tee, kicking the ball miraculously up in the air with her foot and finally hitting the ball while in mid-air.

Via: Youtube

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