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Highest Paying Tech Jobs. Great Ideas For Your Children’s College

highest paying jobs

Highest Paying Tech Jobs

The developing of businesses will lead to an increasing demand of specialists, such as analysts, project managers or even engineers, according to a study from IDC. Moreover, this decade, people born in the period 1946-1965, known as the people of the “baby boom” will retire, so they would need medical assistance. This means that the medical sector could develop like never before. Besides this, there are several other jobs that could be greatly developed in the near future.

Financial Consultants

Many of the highest paying jobs in California are financial consultants. During the next decade, 62 000 jobs of financial consultant will be created in USA, with average income of 65 000 dollars per year. Those will advise all the people that are now retired, or they are close to retiring, people that need advises about their taxes, investments and insurances.

Dental specialists

Dental medicine is a segment of activity that will grow with 36% during the next years. This way, specialists will have an average incomes of 68 000 per year. The interest is huge, especially because there are only 180 000 dental specialists in USA, and there is need for more.


With an average salary of 77 000 dollars, the engineers will also be searched in many domains, such as transportation and infrastructure. Until 2018, only in USA, 70 000 more engineers will be hired.

highest paying jobs

Marketing analysts

In their fight for supremacy, the big companies will create thousands of work places, and they will hire marketing specialists to identify and analyze every move of the competition. As for paying employees, the average salary is of $61 000 per year.

IT Specialists

The IT specialists are indispensable for any company. Therefore, this job which is only 30 years old will develop. Until 2020, 100 000 more specialist will be hired as IT specialists, for a salary of $78 000 per year.


As the population grows, there will be more need for medics and specialists. A surgeon earns about $150 000 a year, and there will be 150 000 more working places for surgeons until 2020.

IT Engineers

IT Engineers are also among the highest jobs in California. Maybe some consider the IT specialists and engineers as being the same thing, but they aren’t. An IT engineer is paid with $100 000 per year, a lot more than an IT specialist. 100 000 more jobs of this kind will be required until 2020.

Management analysts

Just like in the case of the IT engineers, the demand for such specialists will increase with 25%, people working in this field earning up to 80 000 dollars per year.

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